22nd Story Strategies offers services in a variety of skill areas: sales, marketing, business planning, sales training, social media, content development, emerging technologies, and more.  Our Founder and CEO, Joseph Olewitz, takes the lead on all new projects – he believes it is paramount that he does whatever it takes to meet the needs of his clients.  With access to leaders in a variety of disciplines who are each aligned with the 22nd Story Strategies vision of Intentional Growth, Joseph is able to create a network of experts so that any and all skills provided are best in class.  These Intentional Growth Network partners may be supplemented with client staff or existing consultants and agencies – we play nice in the sandbox – but it is always the priority of 22nd Story Strategies to prioritize the client’s needs and requests in procuring these resources.

The expertise and talent of these highly skilled professionals enhance the ability of 22nd Story Strategies to holistically approach all the services they provide and recommendations they make.  Joseph – and the Intentional Growth Network – possesses experience that spans specialties and decades, empowering him as a thought leader and industry expert who has been to this rodeo before.  Together, they expand 22nd Story Strategies’ ability to tackle a variety of demands in strategically growing a business in the areas of sales, marketing, business planning, social media, and more.

  • Innovation

    Our work is never limited by existing approaches and technologies of the past – we believe in employing new and fresh strategies whenever appropriate

    We operate with risk-mitigated, out-of-the-box thinking that empowers us to develop and implement refreshing strategies with groundbreaking technologies in new ways


  • Experience-Driven Expertise

    The depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience base gives you access to discovering previously unidentified sources of revenue

    Our team offers an uncommon holistic breadth that surpasses the capabilities of most in-house agencies and consultancies

    To address your challenges and goals, we will assign a senior consultant who has personal experience in your realm of business


  • Integrity and Reliability

    Everything we do will be open and transparent, and we will always tell you the truth

    We will never ask you to do or pay for anything that is unnecessary or irrelevant

    We always offer you our personal commitment to the success of whatever endeavor we take on together